Net Worth

March 2018 Net Worth ($1,209,330)

February 2018 Net Worth ($1,169,616)

January 2018 Net Worth ($1,176,854)

As of 1/13/2018, our net worth has grown +252,888.96 dollars since April 2017 (When I first started tracking our net worth in Personal Capital)! This only includes the insane growth in the stock market through our 401k’s and taxable accounts. We saved over 50K and gave away over 20K in 2017.

I started tracking our net worth within Personal Capital in April 2017 and I would recommend it as it consolidates all your accounts into a detailed dashboard. I feel like a CEO of my own company viewing it 🙂 . We have a lot of accounts that would make it really difficult to track in a spreadsheet. Using Personal Capital, it gives us different views of our net worth/investments and provides suggestions.

I’ll post a more detailed breakdown of our net worth in the near future.

You can sign up for Personal Capital here.

(Disclaimer: If you sign up through my link, you and I will get $20 dollars!)